If you think the next season of Catfish: The TV Show will probably resemble the emoji above Max Joseph's head in the screengrab below:

Then you should probably step away for a bit and recollect yourself, because Max (and Nev Schulman) are actually involved with something pretty cool right now. The Catfish duo have partnered with DoSomething.org for Grandparents Gone Wired, a service intended to inspire grandkids across the country to teach their possibly aloof grandparents how to properly use technology, with specific attention paid to the deceptively complex language of emoji.

"Using smartphones improves the health of older adults," DoSomething noted in a statement, "but 77 percent of seniors need help getting started." The solution, as outlined in the program, is using your innate ease with technology to ensure that elder generations are able to stay connected to the rest of their respective fams. If you can be bothered with signing up to receive tips and facts regarding grandparents vs. tech, then you'll also be eligible to land a $10,000 scholarship.

Call Text your grandma today.