Never being able to fully recover from the 2012 scandal where Secret Service agents were caught soliciting prostitutes in Colombia, the agency has stumbled since then. Earlier this year two drunk agents reportedly crashed a car into the White House barrier. Worse than that is this story of a Secret Service agent sexting a 14-year-old being arrested as part of an undercover operation. Here’s the disturbing story below.  

The Secret Service agent, identified as 37-year-old Lee Robert Moore, was arrested for allegedly sending sexual messages and pictures of his penis to the presumed 14-year-old girl he met on a hookup app called Meet24, who was actually a Delaware State Police Officer pretending. According to the texts, Moore was on the clock during some conversations, mentioning that he was “bored” at one point and telling the girl he was “sitting at box office style booth checking ID’s for entrance into a building,” on another occasion. One of Moore’s sexts read: “What would make you more nervous: Riding on a motorcycle with me or having sex with me?” 

Moore, who is married with at least one kid, per the Daily Beast, had tried to schedule a meet up to have sex.

Moore was arrested on Monday and has been suspended from the Secret Service.