Officials say the Secret Service may have erased footage which shows its latest embarrassment: two agents crashing their vehicle near the White House after allegedly driving drunk earlier this month. 

The incident took place on March 4, when the agents, who work for President Obama's detail, collided with a barrier outside of the White House. Both are said to have had too much to drink at a retirement celebration for spokesman Ed Donovan. What's more, the Washington Post reports that the crash interrupted an active bomb investigation, although it was ultimately determined that the object was not a threat. 

While Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform CommitteeJason Chaffetz told CBS News that the group cannot confirm that the agents were drunk, he did question the mysterious disappearance of the footage: 

However, in a closed-door discussion Tuesday, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy told Chaffetz that it's the regular policy to destroy surveillance tapes from around the White House after 72 hours.

I don't think anyone in that room could believe it, Chaffetz told CBS. That's just a stunning revelation that 72 hours after they make a tape they destroy it? That doesn't make any sense to us.

He added, If it's regular policy to destroy them after 72 hours, why did they have two of the tapes, and where are the rest of the tapes? And so far the Secret Service has not been able to answer the question.

Chaffetz also told CBS News that the committee is relying on the Secret Service to "provide those tapes so we can see a more full and complete picture." Good luck with that. 

[via CBS News and Washington Post]