You can call Barvetta Singletary the real trap queen, though not the kind Fetty Wap praises. Singletary, a House Legislative Affairs liaison for the White House, got arrested after a domestic dispute popped off on Friday with her U.S. Capitol police officer boyfriend in which she shot at him. 

The dispute started after Singletary called her boyfriend over for sex and then ambushed him afterwards asking him if he had another woman. According to investigators, Singletary asked her boyfriend to go outside and together they went to his car. There she allegedly asked to see her boyfriend’s cellphones, which her boyfriend didn’t allow, so she went into his bag and pulled out his two cellphones along with a .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon.

Singletary returned to her home as her boyfriend followed and pled for his weapon back. She asked for his phone passwords and when he refused, allegedly took the gun out of its holster pointing it at him saying, 

Again she asked for the passwords and when he refused a second time Singletary said, “Your phone is more important than me holding the gun on you.” That’s when she pointed the gun at her boyfriend again and shot once into the sofa where he was sitting. 

Singletary’s boyfriend fled and called the police. Singletary was arrested but was released on Monday from the Prince George County jail in Maryland. A White House spokesman said she is currently on unpaid leave and that her access to the White House has been suspended.

[via Gawker/CNN]