Remember how cute and adorable it was when Tinder absolutely lost its mind in a flurry of tweets after a Vanity Fair writer dared to discuss the act of hooking up in relation to a hook-up dating app? Well, that turned out to apparently just be some sort of a publicity stunt because nothing is sacred. However, we might want to keep an eye out for a similarly cute and adorable (and presumably real) tweet storm from Airbnb in the days ahead following the realization that people may or may not be hooking up thanks to the site (while also staying in reasonably priced hotel alternatives).

"I asked if she would want to come to my bedroom," a 25-year-old Airbnb host identified only as "Stuart" tells Business Insider. "She did and we had amazing sex. Mind-blowing. She tiptoed back up to the other bedroom during the night and nobody noticed. This then continued every night for the rest of the week, and we slept together every night." Stuart is apparently not alone, due mostly to the fact that people do engage in and occasionally enjoy sex, so why not via Airbnb?

These intimate encounters, of course, are not delegated solely to host-initiated hook-ups without much plot. A 27-year-old French woman named "Marion" also told Business Insider about her one-night bnb stand with a "serious" silver fox:

"It happened last Easter. Me and two of my friends decided to spend the weekend on the coast to practice surfing. I was in charge of booking the place for us. I was not expecting our host to be a serious silver fox: a proper surfer dude in his early 40s, no kid, no wife, full of good vibes.

Those "good vibes" quickly spread across the entire residence, resulting in an unexpected romp:

"We shared a beer and had good conversations with him the first day. The next day we invited him for a drink in the evening. We were all quite drunk, and my friends joked about the fact that he was interested in me. They left the pub to leave me alone with him. We came back home later in the night and shared a bottle of wine in his flat. Then he kissed me and we went to his bedroom to spend the rest of the night. We left the morning after. We kept in touch only for a very short time after that ... It was totally unexpected, but fun."

Expectedly, there's also a Reddit thread dedicated to these encounters where people can anonymous trade stories or, presumably, debate the importance of Airbnb's role in all of this. Thankfully, though there have been a small amount of sexual assault incidents reported since the site's inception, the majority of these encounters appear to be consensual. As for the company's thoughts on a bunch of people maybe? definitely hooking up thanks to Airbnb? They reportedly "rebuffed repeated requests for comment" from Business Insider, a move they interpret as silent confirmation that Airbnb "does not condone" sliding into bed with your host.