Total bros Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton seem to claim that 99 percent of what happens on the political drama House of Cards reflects the reality of what goes on in our nation's capital. 

In an interview for Gotham Magazine (via TheHill), House of Cards star Spacey said that Clinton has told him, "Kevin, 99 percent of what you do on that show is real."

According to Spacey, he and Clinton are apparently buddies, which isn't surprising—Clinton has been a fan of the show since it premiered, and the two young-at-heart guys prank called Hillary on her birthday. Classic!

In the Gotham interview, Spacey impersonated the former president and claimed that Clinton even said, "The 1 percent you get wrong is you would never get an education bill passed that fast." 

In another part of the interview, Spacey terrifyingly sounds like his on-screen character, Frank Underwood, when he gives his stance on binge-watching and manages to make everyone else sound like plebians: "I'm not a binge-water myself," he said, "but I understand the addiction completely."