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Though Hannibal Buress is pretty convinced that his subtly existential Comedy Central series, aptly titled Why?, is practically dead, dude clearly has very little to worry about. The latest Hannibal take revolves around a question we've all kind of kicked around in our underused brains during election season, a season which is really starting to feel like it grows a year or so longer per cycle: "If the candidates were rappers, who would they be?"

Hannibal kicks things off with the pretty spot-on revelation that Hillary Clinton is the Diddy of the pack before delivering a relatively shocking Joe Biden​ comparison: Iggy Azalea. All of this is great. The whole video, as is typical with the entire Hannibal Buress back catalog, is very necessary viewing. But what about DJ Khaled? Who is the DJ Khaled of the 2016 presidential election?

Note: These opinions are Hannibal's own and do not reflect the publishers of this article.