Remember that irrational fear of biting into a candy bar and finding a razor blade? As it turns out, that concern isn’t so unfounded.

Vice reports that a 14-year-old in Reynoldsburg, Ohio bit into a Snickers bar she received during Beggars Nights, the community’s version of trick-or-treating, on Thursday and discovered the small blade. The girl was not injured, and police say the object looks like something that could have come from a disposable razor.

However, Lt. Shane Mauger insists that there’s no need to panic. “What we have right now is an isolated incident,” he told the Columbus Dispatch. “Parents should just be vigilant. If something has been slipped inside candy, there will be damage—some sort of small rip or a tear. Parents should be able to see something.”

Authorities say they’ve found no evidence of the candy being tampered with, and are investigating the situation.