Remember that time we somehow convinced our own Sean Evans to attempt Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s preposterously massive daily calorie intake? Dude described the experience as "psychologically taxing" and "physically painful," making specific note of his aversion to consuming three pounds of cod on the daily. However, as wisely noted by Uproxx, The Rock’s infamous 10-pounds-of-food-per-day diet is quite easily trumped, calorically speaking, by the average American kid on Halloween.

On Halloween night, the average American kid will consume as many as 7,000 calories, with more conservative estimates placing that intake at around 4800 calories. Just for the sake of torturous comparison, The Rock’s 10-pound diet usually lands at around 5,165 calories. This is spectacularly depressing, unless you consider it a challenge:

If the average American kid can out-calorie The Rock just by downing candy corn some Twix bars, then what’s stopping me from joining the battle? Why do I feel bad about gorging on red wine and Oreos? Challenge accepted.

Happy Halloween. Also, please brush your teeth.

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