A Donald Trump rally in Richmond, Virginia turned into a real shitshow on Wednesday, and amazingly it wasn't what was coming out of the Republican front-runner's mouth. 

A group of Hispanic protesters from the University of Virginia crashed the rally and interrupted Trump's speech with yells of "We're here to stay" before Trump supporters snatched their signs, shoved them and in at least one case even spit on them, AFP reports

According to Think Progress, Trump's speech included "an anti-immigrant tirade about giving 'free stuff' to 'illegal immigrants.'" He also referred to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders as a "maniac" while talking about this week's Democratic debate. 

Trump later told reporters that he "didn't see much of a protest."

CNN captured more of the fighting:

Trump has promised his presidency would involve taking millions of undocumented immigrants and "rounding 'em up" to send them out of the country, as well as taking away citizenship rights from the children of undocumented immigrants born in the U.S.