In the wake of Thursday's tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, a harrowing incident that ultimately took the lives of nine innocent people, a large part of the public's focus has turned to the life and eventual motives of the gunman. However, a far more inspiring story has started to emerge from accounts of Thursday's violence, a story centered on 10-year Army vet and 30-year-old father Chris Mintz:

Mintz recounted to his family that he was trying to block the gunman from entering a door when he was shot, according to CBS News. After looking up at the gunman to tell him it was his son's birthday, the gunman reportedly shot him several more times. Mintz currently has two broken legs, meaning he will need to re-learn to walk upon recovery, but is reportedly in stable condition:

One of the other students present during these harrowing moments was a nurse, who immediately began administering CPR to save a "mortally wounded" classmate. Mintz was nearby, according to the Daily Beast, and held hands with the nurse while he said "again and again" that it was his son's birthday. Mintz, who moved to Oregon after leaving the Army, was reportedly working at the local YMCA while procuring an education in fitness training at Umpqua Community College.