Joe Pesci's been a pretty elusive figure these past couple of years. As of late, his name has come up more frequently with the recent Goodfellas anniversary and rumors of a new Scorsese movie flying about. And another bit of possible news about the actor has made its way to the public—and it’s pretty epic. 

Pesci, who has dabbled in music in the past, releasing two records, has reportedly been hanging out with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Alone, their budding friendship isn’t exactly the most important news, but according to a source in the exclusive US Weekly scoop the two have also “kicked around some songs and recorded some stuff together.” 

The report alleges it was Pesci who reached out to Levine. The two apparently met at a golf charity event, which makes sense because Pesci has been vocal about his love for the sport before. 

Since retiring from acting in the late 90s, Pesci has taken on a few, random roles, but has stated that the move came from him wanting to focus on his music career.

While working with Levine may appear to be a bizarre move, perhaps the The Voice coach could be the one to finally push Pesci back into the spotlight—at least in a new role. 

A source claims “It was just a thing they did while having fun,” but now just imagine Pesci, in full gangster garb, belting out tracks from Songs About Jane