At least two officers from the Chicago Police Department have been reassigned to administrative duties pending the results of an investigation assisted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an investigation centered on evidence suggesting the officers were involved with the so-called "pimping activities" of a 14-year-old girl. The evidence was reportedly uncovered after the officers were caught with an undisclosed form of child pornography, according to FOX 32.

The veteran officers, both having served for more than two decades, were reportedly off-duty during the suspected acts of child prostitution and possession of child pornography. According to evidence discovered by Internal Affairs investigators following the child pornography discovery, the officers were involved with "online web pages" used to "advertise the girl, or girls, for prostitution."

Though the officers have not been formally charged and thus remain unnamed, the FOX 32 report makes a point to mention that "at least" two officers have been impacted by the investigation, implying that additional personnel may have been involved. Furthermore, the report adds that the 14-year-old girl might not be the only victim of the officers’ despicable displays of predatory behavior and abuse of power.