Monday night, the Liberals pulled off what no one thought they could do. After coming out of the 2011 election with only 34 seats in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau managed to turn it around and not only walk away with the win, but with a majority. The Liberals also swept every riding in all three territories as well as the majority of Atlantic Canada and the GTA. They now occupy 184 out of 338 seats in the House of Commons. So maybe it’s time to get to know our new Prime Minister a little better.

You probably already know that Justin Pierre James Trudeau is 43 years old, and the eldest son of former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. He’s married with three kids, and according to the Internet he’s kind of a stud with great hair. Those are all important points, but here are 10 things you might not have known about our brand new Prime Minister.