The battle for gay rights (LGBTQ rights on a larger scale) has come far with victories like marriage equality in the U.S., but these homophobic comments from Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe—where it is a crime to be gay—remind us that people are still intolerant of the gay community, and sadly, how far gay rights has to go. While speaking out against gay rights, using the excuse that he has a right to uphold his beliefs (some bs Kim Davis would say), which happen to treat gay people as second class citizens, at the United Nations on Monday the 91-year-old said, “We are not gays.” It’s not surprising, coming from the guy who once said, Even Satan wasn't gay.”

The Zimbabwe president said allowing gay rights would not only go against the country’s “values, norms, traditions and beliefs,” but would be a “double standard,” even though asking not to be imprisoned or fined just for being gay isn’t a tall order. He tried to justify himself by saying, “Respecting and upholding human rights is an obligation of all states and is enshrined in the United Nations charter. No where does the charter arrogate the right to some to sit in judgment over others in carrying out this universal obligation.” 

[via Mashable]