To properly absorb the information in this story, experts recommend that readers first procure a 16 oz. can of Surge, a box of Dunkaroos, and their favorite pair of Reeboks. Once settled, readers should allow themselves to properly enjoy the revelation that the casual geniuses over at Nickelodeon are definitely possibly (maybe?) planning to launch an all-90s TV channel aimed at eviscerating your social life.

Something called The Splat has initiated a mysterious social media presence over the past two days, with a series of Instagram posts, YouTube clips, and a relatively basic website all seeming to hint at an undeniable Nickelodeon connection. However, this is not the Nickelodeon of today, with its fancy newness and overrated relevance. Instead, these are relics of a simpler time: the peak Smash Mouth Nickelodeon years.

Though Nickelodeon hasn't released an official statement on the existence of this so-called "Splat," the nostalgia-bathing spinoff channel also made a strong presence at this weekend's 90s Fest in Brooklyn:

Logical speculation suggests that possible inclusions for Splat's repertoire would include Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Hey ArnoldRocko's Modern Life, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and a slew of other undeniable classics:

Thank you once again, Nickelodeon, for always ensuring that my state of arrested development is allowed to continue indefinitely with ease.

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