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While iPhone users battle short battery life, a lesser camera phone, and (some say) a slower operating system, they have one less thing to worry about: annoying ads. AdBlock, which first gained popularity as a web plugin, is finally available for individuals with iOS phones. Well, it actually heads to the Apple Store sometime soon. According to Business Insider, Android users have been able to use the app since May.

AdBlock works to preserve battery life by blocking out those incessant ads that drain your battery while simultaneously protecting your phone against malware, The Verge reports. It’s still in the beta stage so updates will most likely be imminent. Apple recently made news by announcing that iOS 9 will allow users to block adswhich is a first.

However, not everyone is cheering about the emergence of ad-blocking software. YouTube has jumped into action by forcing users to deal with ads they can’t skip through when the software is detected in Google Chrome. This affects a portion of the 198 million monthly users, adding up to way too many seconds wasted while waiting for a video to load.

Touché, YouTube.