Before we go any further, let’s recap. AMC’s TV phenomenon The Walking Dead led to a spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead, and now that spin-off has led to a web series titled Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. All of those similarly titled properties don’t make things confusing at all, right? The web series, set on an airplane, has an official title, synopsis, and a premiere date. 

Over the course of 16 episodes and 30 minutes total, Flight 462 will show what happens after someone on board is discovered to be infected, as well as showing the passengers' lives up until then. The first webisode will be available on the AMC website Oct. 4, with two of its following episodes airing during commercial breaks of Walking Dead’s season six premiere. After that you can catch Flight 462 online and during Walking Dead commercials every week. Fans of Fear The Walking Dead might want to pay attention to the web series since one of the surviving characters from there is confirmed to join the series in its second season. 

Season six of The Walking Dead premieres Oct. 11. 

[via Uproxx]