Craiglist is a great resource for "lightly used" secondhand furniture, your next sexual adventure, and, as it turns out, stranded time travelers. On Aug. 20, 2015, a mysterious self-described time traveler named Alptin posted an ad for help prepping for his next journey through time.

He arrived in Louisville on Aug. 17, 2015, and plans to leave for 2094 in November. But before he can begin his journey, he requires a male assistant. The Craigslist ad reads: 

Mostly, I need help moving some very large objects so I would prefer a male. I am also going to need a little help operating and prepping for travel which will not take that long. I cannot even comprehend it in this text but I will able to show you what I mean in a simple color and manner and then I know you will have the ability complete with me.

Please be trustworthy, I cannot stress this enough. Your intelligence level is not of any importance to me. 

An update to the post reassures us that Alptin found a suitable assistant: "The job was completed this morning by a nice elderly man almost immediately after my posting." It's unclear whether the elderly man in question bore any resemblance to Dr. Emmett L. Brown. According to Alptin, he will not be returning to 2015.