Between Donald Trump's presidential campaign, ongoing police violence, and those "Black" adidas Yeezy Boosts you really wanted but didn't get, it's easy to lose faith in humanity. Luckily there are people like Malyk Bonnet to restore it. Bonnett, a Canadian teen, is being called a hero after he went out of his way to save a kidnapping victim, CBC Canada reports.

The 17-year old was on his way home from his restaurant job on Aug. 1 when he noticed a couple near the bus stop in a heated argument. The man was screaming at the woman and Bonnet was afraid the fight would turn physical, so he walked toward them. The couple asked him for bus fare to Laval, which he gave them. The three boarded the bus together, but instead of getting off at his stop, Bonnet pretended he was headed to Laval, too. 

"My plan was to keep them in a public place, where there's a lot of people," he told CBC​. "I decided to make myself friendly with the man, so he would trust me. So I played my game." Once they all arrived in Laval, Bonnet took the couplet to Tim Horton's and gave them $50 for food. He went to the restroom and called the police, who were already looking for the couple—the woman had been kidnapped by her boyfriend the previous day. 

The man was arrested and appeared in court for kidnapping, forcible confinement, and assault. Bonnet got his picture in the paper and $255 from the Laval police. Moral of the story: To get a kidnapper to trust you, buy him donuts.