Spider-Man and Times Square's tumultuous relationship continued today with yet another fight video. In the past year alone, men in Spidey suits have fought Batman, police, and a random woman. Somehow this hasn't been enough to ban Spider-Men from Times Square (or all mascots), but today it looks like Spider-Man might be the hero we need after all. 

Video posted to Twitter by Geoff Golberg shows a Spider-Man mascot brawling with an unknown man. The circumstances of the fight weren't made immediately clear, but Golberg did tweet, "Spider-Man saves the day in Times Square." A witness reportedly told NY Mag the unnamed man was "harassing several performers" before Spidey stepped in. 

Normally, performers are doing the harassment, so we can't say they didn't deserve a taste of their own medicine. We'll let you decide if Spider-Man was a hero this time or just continuing a history of ratchet behavior.