The Japanese Buddhist festival known as Obon, most commonly celebrated on or around August 15, is an annual custom meant to inspire the somber honoring and unified remembrance of deceased ancestors. Participants often use vegetables, particularly cucumbers and aubergines (eggplants), to welcome the returning spirits of their beloved relatives to their former homes. According to BuzzFeed, the cucumber is said to represent a carrier horse transporting the respective spirits to the residence, while the eggplant represents a slow-paced cow taking them back to their post-existence dwelling space.

Inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road, one Obon participant took the art of vegetable manipulation several great leaps forward by recreating iconic images from arguably one of the best movies of the year:

Though the festival is treated with a great sense of ceremony in Japan, few others (if any) have merged the horse-and-cow representation with modern cinematic references. Though likely not a very feasible task, these two images certainly make you wonder what exactly a shot-by-shot remake of Mad Max: Fury Road using only vegetables might look like.

Though absent of cinematic references, other Obon creations are just as worthy of a clapping hands emoji or three:


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