What's more LaBeoufian than rapping in the woods, broadcasting your heartbeat, turning Twitter into a performance art arena, or getting arrested during Cabaret? Getting a Tupac tattoo on your upper thigh, of course. However, this is not simply your average fanboy Tupac tattoo. The caricature has a touch of that distinctly scribbled Beavis & Butthead sensibility, with a dash of Bob's Burgers for good modern measure.

So, what does it all mean? LaBeouf has repeatedly confirmed his deep-rooted interest in the worlds of rap and hip-hop, having collaborated with Kid Cudi and (we think?) Kendrick Lamar. In fact, great minds have already prophesied an album and tour from the yet-to-be-confirmed supergroup Cudi LaBeouf.

Years before he dropped mad bars in the woods, LaBeouf was busy with things of this nature:

Anyway, there is simply no journalistic approach to this that doesn't end with the following conclusion:

Shia LaBeouf is the f:)cking king of meta.