It looks like Shia LaBeouf might soon have another credit to add to his always-growing music video filmography. During a recent interview with Fuse, Kendrick Lamar revealed that he and Shia have long discussed collaborating on a video. According to Kendrick

“We actually had a meeting… Shia LaBeouf, he has a crazier career than mine, but once we really do sit down and lock in, it’s gonna be insane… He wanted to do a video, he had a few ideas… that was the time I was recording the album and going on the road so I couldn’t really sit down for a period of time.”

When asked if a LaBeouf-starring video was still a possibility, KL went out of his way to assure that it’s definitely not off the table.

Now the plot thickens even further, thanks to the above Instagram of Kendrick and Shia taken over the weekend. It looks like the pair finally got a chance to meet up, now we’re all just waiting to see where they go from here.