The potent history of rock & roll's favored pastime — forming supergroups — is as storied as each project's creative output. From Cream in 1966 to Angels & Airwaves in 2005, the thrill of tossing together legends of a respective scene for an often contentious (though never boring) collaboration is simply too powerful to resist.

On Friday, occasional storm summoner and full-time poetweeter Kid Cudi unleashed a short burst of speculation-inspiring thoughts on forming his own supergroup:

One wonders — who might be considered a gnarly enough musical anarchist to make the cut for Cudi's supergroup? Let me, if you will, speculate wildly but with purpose:

Shia LaBeouf seems like an easy choice here, given Cudi's previous collaborations with the increasingly interesting actor / performance artist. Though LaBeouf's woods-based freestyle turned out to be more intentional biting from the star of the forthcoming American Honey, we should have all learned to expect the unexpected when dealing with all things LaBeoufian.

Now that I think of it, let's just make this supergroup a duo — Cudi LaBeouf. First album 2016?