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UPDATE (8/5/15): So, Billboard reports that while Robin is engaging in what is hard to not describe as an April-September romance, he and his new girl are not engaged to be married. At least, not yet. Kudos to him for exercising some restraint on the fast forward button.

See original story from earlier today below.

It seems like just yesterday your boy Robin Thicke was sporting an angst-ridden haircut and publicly embarrassing himself and his now ex-wife Paula Patton by begging for her forgiveness and return, and with mediocre music at that. She did not take him back, the album bricked and we're honestly not sure what Rob's been up to since, besides coming up off of that "Blurred Lines" money to the Gaye family estate.

Welp, now his off-duty activities just got clearer, because Robin's getting married! To a 20-year-old woman—18 years his junior—just four months after his divorce from his wife of nearly a decade was finalized! This is so Don Draper, short of his new lady's name actually being Megan. Instead, his non-alcohol-consuming bride-to-be is April Love Geary, and they've been dating since October. Robin's parents, (i.e. esteemed Sitcom Dad Alan Thicke) have reportedly warned their son of rushing into things, but apparently he "doesn't want to risk losing her." Sincerest best wishes to Robin and his fianceé. Hopefully he doesn't end up making an April album.