Yesterday Vulture dropped a Quentin Tarantino interview that just kept on giving, with quotable after quotable offering fresh insight into his mindset, career goals, the industry, and even random things you didn't know you needed QT to help you realize, like his perfect summation of It Follows. But wait! There's more: the extended outtakes from the interview have just been liberated, and they are equally entertaining and intriguing. Most notably: the implication that we may see a Quentin Tarantino joint on the small screen one day.

Film directors like Steven Soderbergh and Cary Fukunaga have defected to TV. You’ve been making noise about doing a mini-series. Are you jealous about what directors can do in that medium now?
No, I’m not jealous at all. I’m in a lucky situation. However, no writer-directors have taken that mini-series format and really done what could be done. You don’t have any writer-directors that write all six episodes, and then direct all six episodes. You have a guy like Soderbergh or Fukunaga who directs everything, or you have somebody like Aaron Sorkin who writes everything, but you don’t have the guy who does everything. If ever there’s been a chance for somebody to truly do a filmed novel, it’s in this area. I always write these movies that are far too big for any paying customer to sit down and watch from beginning to end, and so I always have this big novel that I have to adapt into a movie as I go. So to actually be able to take one of my stories and just do it as long as it is, the completely unfiltered manuscript, that sounds really, really exciting. And unless we can turn back the tide on digital projection in movie theaters, then I might as well go to television.

How fucking exciting does the prospect of a QT written and directed miniseries and/or anthology show—excuse me, filmed novel—sound? Fam might've just spoiled my excitement for Hateful Eight off of the fantasizing about this now. QT's already dabbled in television: he guest-directed episodes of ER and CSI and made a pretty sweet bad guy in an awesome two-part episode of the great underrated show of our time, Alias (so would he act in this filmed novel too?!). Second most intriguing what-if of the outtakes: the reveal that while he isn't really intent on making a sci-fi film, he does have an idea for one that's apparently so good he can't expand on it further because the millions of people poring over the interview would surely steal it. Let us pray that Quentin eventually gets out every last one of his ideas.

Elsewhere in the outtakes he expands on the problems he had with It Follows and why Death Proof was the last present-day set story he made.