Dudes continue to prove themselves to be the WORST and in our latest Trash Men(TM™) update, we have troll guys attacking the Facebook page of  Tufts Medical Center after the lovely ladies of the upcoming Ghostbusters made a visit to the children's wing dressed up in their uniforms and proton packs. 

It was a heartwarming gesture but, of course, meninists had to go and ruin the moment by voicing their displeasure. Because how could women POSSIBLY bust ghosts?! They're only good at being secretaries, etc. Excuse you, but women are WAY better at dealing with the supernatural world, and if you aren't careful they will witchcraft your ass. (Just sayin'.)

Anyway, men's rights activists were so butthurt they flooded the Facebook post with misogynistic, racist and straight-up rude comments (some even attacking the children in the photos). The trolling got so out of hand that Tufts felt the need to address the issue in a new status yesterday morning and delete any profanity they saw. 

Many of the other comments have been deleted but commenters were attacking stars Melissa McCarthyKristen WiigLeslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon for their "publicity stunt," their lame outfits, and the kids' supposed disappointment for not getting a hospital visit from a bunch of 70-year-old men. OKAY. Because that sounds SO much more fun.

See more photos of the Ghostbusters' hospital visit here (but maybe don't look at the comments). Oh, and a reminder of three small words to live by: Ban trash men.

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