When they're not busy severing the fingers of Enrique Iglesias, drones would rather spend their valuable time doing things like delivering that Cookin' with Coolio cookbook you drunk-ordered from Amazon. Though Amazon is still relentlessly attempting to convince the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and others to properly regulate the currently hectic airspace, a new startup from San Francisco is taking the drone-to-home delivery method an admirably green step further.

Trees, a Bitcoin-friendly marijuana delivery service, promises a customer service experience that merges the efficiency of the future with the charm of an all-inclusive delivery service not unlike the milkmen of a bygone era. For now, Trees offers three different "craft cannabis boxes" including The Bud Box, The Extract Box, and The Beginner Box. Delivery is currently only available for medicinal marijuana users in the San Francisco Bay area, though the company has definitive plans to expand to Los Angeles and Denver as soon as possible (no Washington love, guys?).

Sadly, the company's preferred delivery method of definitely-not-high-at-all drones is not quite a reality due to local regulations. In a press release, a Trees spokesperson confirmed that drone delivery "would be rolled-out in the future if and when the regulation around the flying devices is settled." All things considered, this has been a great week for weed and it's only Wednesday.