Your feel good story of the day comes courtesy of one special puppy named Journey, a Shiba Inu/Jundo mix, who is now able to walk, let alone run, again, after surviving a fire last November, thanks to prosthetic paws. 

Born in South Korea, Journey and her siblings were set on fire, with only Journey surviving, getting her paws so badly burned in the process that she could barely walk. 

Marilyn Hendrickson, now her owner, learned about her story and according to KOMO News, reached out to the MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, Washington, of which she’s the director of donations. Finally in April Hendrickson flew to South Korea to get Journey and brought her to Seattle. By May, Journey’s story made KOMO news and moved readers to donate to Journey’s medical costs which Hendrickson explained would amount to $2,000 because of the custom fit socks, boots and braces needed for her to walk normally again. It only took two weeks to raise the money. 

Journey then had to undergo the process of a plaster casting in order to get her fiberglass prosthetic braces. But Journey had one last hurdle to get over when she had part of her front right paw amputated. 

To say Journey has lived up to her name would be an understatement. She is doing well and preparing for a 5K race in October. 

[via Mashable/ABC]