Summer Fridays, the reason we all have office jobs in the first place. I mean, sure we could be outside year-round, working with our hands like nature intended, but that just sounds like… a lot. And if we all did that, what would become of our Summer Fridays? Going inside at noon and loving it? Ha! Yeah right.

No, 87 percent* of Americans work in offices just so they can steal a little bit back from the man by ditching out early on Fridays during the summer. It allows us to feel carefree and European for 12 weeks out of the year. Which is nice.

But there are many ways to both enjoy and completely ruin a SF, and I am tired of seeing them go to waste. Which is why I’ve outlined everything** you need to know in order to live summer life to its fullest. The title is a bit of a mouthful, but once you get past that, I think you’ll appreciate the material.

*A completely inaccurate figure I made up.
**It’s actually eight things; there’s probably/definitely more.