We've all been there. Your friend sends you one innocent cat video, and you're dubious at first, but think, "Oh, what could it hurt?" So you watch it, and you love it, and you don't even remember clicking on the next one—but all of a sudden, you've been watching adorable cat videos for—how long? Hours? It happens on the Internet, and now it can happen in real life, too.

The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria will open an exhibit about Internet videos of cats on August 7. "How Cats Took Over the Internet" will take a "critical look at the phenomenon of cats online and how they have transfixed a generation of web users," Racked reports. At the exhibit, you'll find GIFs, images, and videos for your ogling pleasure, along with a timeline of Internet cat moments and a map of cat memes from around the world. There's even a screening room with a continuous loop of "significant" cat videos. Perhaps coolest of all, though, is the chance to submit your own Instagrammable cat to the exhibit, so you can stop bombarding your friend's newsfeeds with it. 

The exhibit is open until January 31, 2016—go and experience the Internet IRL.

[via Racked]