Money & Violence, the YouTube show that has since built a cult following during the last year, should be coming back for a second season some time soon, as it's currently trying to raise money to make that happen. Yesterday, a photo of Moise Verneau aka Rafe​, the show's lead and creator, was pictured with Jay Z, Meek Mill, and Chris Styles (who's part of M&V's management)—causing folks to speculate on M&V coming to Tidal. Well, not exactly. Word is Jay is a fan of the series, and Meek brought the cast out during Summer Jam this year.

We reached out to the Money & Violence crew for their official statement:

"Both Jay Z and Meek Mill have been huge supporters of Money & Violence and our Seed & Spark Campaign to remain independent. Meek brought the cast out at Hot 97's Summer Jam and Roc Nation appreciated the authenticity in our art very early on. We haven’t signed any deals at present, we are focused on the last leg of our crowd funding campaign We look forward to continuing our relationship with Jay, Meek and the Roc Nation and Dream Chaser families. Congrats to Meek on having the No. 1 album in the country. #moneyandviolence​"

We wish the M&V guys the best of luck. Now the question is: If they do eventually go to Tidal, would you pay $19.99 a month?