Let's make one thing perfectly clear before we continue — Bear Grylls, you're certainly no Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, you're still a fraud in my eyes. Past follies aside, Kate Winslet joined Grylls during an episode of his current NBC series Running Wild with Bear Grylls — prompting the Academy Award winning actress to briefly recreate an iconic scene, sans DiCaprio, from the 1997 money machine Titanic (see above).

The premise of Running Wild is simple — British adventurer Grylls drags a celebrity with him on one of his (seemingly) treacherous wild runnings, presumably in an effort to prompt Winslet to participate in Titanic recreations and Zac Efron to coin the phrase "social lubricant" (re: Season One). Elsewhere this season, Grylls will attempt to tame television with assistance from Michael B. Jordan, Ed Helms, and Michelle Rodriguez.

Winslet will next appear as Joanna Hoffman in Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs, with Michael Fassbender stepping into the Apple icon's larger-than-life persona alongside Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels. As already evident in this trailer, the movie just might own the 2015 cinematic conversation — given its breathless Aaron Sorkin script and built-in critical clout.