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Oh, Florida. I've missed you. A frequent source of headlines so stacked with potential they practically write themselves without a single creative finger ever needing lifted, you're the reigning champion of American tomfoolery. Be careful, though — as Texas has been working diligently to topple you from the throne of such shenanigans by blatantly disrespecting the unspoken alligator code.

Today's Floridian entertainment comes to us from Winter Haven, where police are actively searching for a man after he headbutted a bus. As seen in the clip above, the man gives himself a proper running start before slamming his weight into the door of the bus — promptly shattering the glass door and briefly knocking himself unconscious before quickly exiting the premises.

The headbutting was reportedly inspired by the $2 charge necessary to achieve transportation to a new location, says the hard-hitting report from local outlet WESH. This is solid stuff, Florida — but you'll have to do much better if you want to continue to fend off the aforementioned Texas and newcomer Pennsylvania, flexing its contender muscles with their very own drunken lawnmower man.