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Simpsons fans have waited decades to enjoy the taste of smooth, refreshing Duff, the beer of choice for Homer Simpson and the rest of the Moe's Tavern crew. 

That wait is finally over this week, as long as you live in Chile, according to the Wall Street Journal.  21st Century Fox, the company behind the iconic sitcom has introduced real-life Duff beer in the South American country, partly because they were tired of people there making money from their own bootleg versions of it. 

And the company plans to expand to more places in the near future, with plans to reportedly bring Duff to other places in South America and Europe by early 2016.

As far as getting your hands on some of "that wonderful Duff" in the U.S., you can still only drink real-life Duff beer at the Universal Studios theme park's Springfield area for now (at a recreation of Moe's Tavern, no less). That doesn't mean you won't see Duff on store shelves here eventually, though. 

“I think there’s potential to have Duff everywhere in the world,” Jeffrey Godsick,president of the media company’s consumer products division, told the Journal.