Dogfart, the subtly named porn company that offered Rachel Dolezal $50,000 to do porn earlier this week, is dominating porn headlines this week. To coincide with the third season of Orange Is the New Black, the porn company launched a parody adult film As you can probably guess, it features interracial fucking and plenty of prison clichés. 

The plot drops Chumpman into prison, where she's given a full cavity search by Officer Mendez. She's then given to Waren in Barker for initiation, which consists of spooky chants and trust falls. Just kidding, it's actually lesbian sex. 

The company's most notorious foray into parody porn spoofed the Donald Sterling controversy by forcing the racist owner to watch his girlfriend and a friend bone a Clippers player. It also released Hillary Earns The Black Vote, further proving its fondness for the intersection of topicality and interracial sex. 

Watch the SFW Orange Is The New Blacks on Blondes trailer above.