The Rachel Dolezal scandal is not even a week old, and we've already reached the inevitable porn stage. An adult film site subtly named has come out with a public offer of $50,000 for Dolezal to shoot four separate scenes. And to make things even more bizarre, the site's parent company, Dogfart, is using the moment to make a totally sincere political statement that totally isn't gross and opportunistic. 

From a press release:

We here are Dogfart feel that it is extremely unfair how Rachel Dolezal has been treated. She is a transracial woman who has worked extremely hard to achieve her level of success. She identifies as black just like Bruce Jenner identifies as Caitlyn Jenner; however, Jenner’s transition has been accepted with open arms; some even calling her a hero for the trans movement. Now that Dolezal is out of work, we would like to offer her a $50,000 contract to perform in four separate scenes for four of our different sites. She will be given creative control and get to choose the talent she works with. We hope she seriously considers this offer.

There's that pesky Caitlyn Jenner comparison again...

Who knows what Dolezal will do now that she's no longer Spokane's NAACP chapter president, but at least she has options. Hopefully, for her sake, more opportunities will come along that don't involve fucking on camera for creepy dudes that fetishize black women.