Activist and North Carolina educator, Bree Newsome, took the Confederate flag matter into her own hands early Saturday morning. 

The black woman climbed a 30-foot flagpole to snatch the Confederate flag down from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds. Activists surrounding the sight can be overheard saying, "we have nothing to lose but our chains!" as cops repeatedly asked her to come down off the pole. Newsome responded with a scripture during her descent, including verses from Psalms: “The Lord is my light, and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life– of whom shall I be afraid?”

Even though the flag went back up— Newsome and another activist, James Tyson, were arrested for their parts in today's doings.  As social media petitions such as #TakeItDown and #KeepItDown continue to circulate, #FreeBree has also become prevalent.