A Fox & Friends segment on timbersports last Sunday went south when co-host Pete Hegseth gave someone the axe. Literally. Ouch!

Hegseth threw the ax for a teaser segment, missing the target completely and hit a marching band member from the West Point Hellcats. The band was playing throughout the show for Flag Day and the Army’s 240th birthday. One of the Hellcats’ lead drummer, Jeff Prosperie, was the one hit by the axe. The incident doesn’t make it into the segment, but viewers can see Hegseth and bystanders looking in shock after the accident, as the band plays to close the segment with Prosperie holding his arm in the background.


As if that wasn’t bad enough Prosperie then had to appear on-camera for an interview with Hegseth about the Hellcats. During the interview Prosperie doesn’t mention the axe accident and doesn’t grab his arm.

But Prosperie is now speaking out. He wrote on Facebook:

In another post Prosperie said the accident was a “poor decision” and showed “obvious negligence.” 


[via Mediaite]