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On June 16, James Triplett's customers stood in line for heroin, in a line that wrapped around the corner of a block in the North Lawndale neighborhood in Chicago, just before the 33-year-old Triplett and many others were arrested for their various roles in orchestrating a massive drug ring. 

According to MyFoxChicago, 42 people are facing state or federal drug charges for allegedly supplying and distributing heroin in Chicago's West Side. Triplett, who is known as "Trell," reportedly led the operation. He is charged with drug conspiracy and could see 10 years in prison, minimum, if he is convicted. 

Triplett's customers can be seen waiting to purchase heroin the way some might stand in line for iPhones or sneakers in a photo (shown above) included in a federal criminal complaint related to the bust. The photo was taken just a few blocks south of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Expressway, also referred to as the "Heroin Highway."

Superintendant Garry McCarty reported lauded the "multi-agency investigation" for taking down the infamous drug ring. When the authorities busted the operation in North Lawndale, they said they arrested 32 people and confiscated 12 guns, $50,000 cash, and two cars—one of them a 2014 Maserarti GranTurismo

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