Domestic debut: October 4, 2013

Kill La Kill is one of the most exciting anime of the past couple years, with its gorgeous artwork, its eminently gif-able fight scenes, and an admirably hell-bent protagonist. Ryuko Matoi, a 17-year-old transfer student, challenges the conspiratorial council leadership of Honnouji Academy, sparking a power struggle that pits pupils against teachers and nudists against the fashion industrial complex. Kill La Kill is a balls-out melee series that concurrently subverts so many seinen tropes, especially with regard to fanservice and finales. While its plot gets a bit convoluted, Kill La Kill's main draw is its fantastic energy and unyielding action, unlike anything I've seen since zany cult favorite Excel SagaKill La Kill is ideal chaos. After you've let it wear you out, check out Blood Blockade Battlefront, from the creator of Trigun; I highly recommend both shows. —Justin Charity