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The upcoming Independence Day sequel has been bubbling up for a while now—and now, the film has its president. Sela Ward joins the cast of Independence Day 2 as President Lanford, proving to the world that a woman can run the country, even if aliens are attacking. 

Even though the sequel won't feature Will Smith, Ward still joins an all-star cast: she'll be working alongside Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, and Vivica A. Fox, who are all reprising their roles from the original alien doomsday blockbuster. The film will also feature newcomers to the franchise, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Liam Hemsworth, which significantly brings up its indie cred. 

Ward is also reuniting with director Roland Emmerich—the two worked previously together on another doomsday classic, The Day After TomorrowIf she was able to get Jake Gyllenhaal out of the New York Public Library back then, there's no telling what she'll be able to accomplish now. 

Ward regularly kicks butt on CSI: NY, and was also recently in this year's Gone Girl. No word yet on how her character will fare against an alien invasion, but considering her track record as a strong female lead, we have high hopes. 

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