Tamir Rice, 12, was shot and killed by Cleveland police last November after an officer mistook his toy gun for a real one. A new report claims that, nearly six months later, the officers involved in the shooting still have yet to be questioned. 

Mother Jones made the troubling discovery, learning that investigators still haven't spoken to Officers Timothy Loehmann—the one who pulled the trigger—and partner Frank Garmback

Mother Jones has learned that the two officers involved in the shooting—Timothy Loehmann, who fired the shots, and Frank Garmback, who drove the police car—still have not been interviewed by investigators from the Sheriff's department. According to an official familiar with the case, investigators have made more than one attempt to interview Loehmann and Garmback since the Cleveland Police Department handed over the case in January.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office ruled Rice's death a homicide in December. Mother Jones reports that the investigation will focus on Officer Loehmann, noting that authorities expected it to conclude in the "coming weeks":

In the statement to reporters on Tuesday, Cuyuhoga County Sheriff Clifford Pinkney said that his investigators had examined "thousands of pages of documents" and that "a majority of our work is complete." According to an official familiar with the investigation, those documents include Rice's autopsy report, a 911 call transcript, cell phone records, transcripts of interviews with witnesses, and the training records of both police officers.

[via Mother Jones]