This could’ve gone way worse had it happened to Kim Jong-Un. Georgetown, Texas mayor Dale Ross recently had a funny accident when he took a bathroom break during a city council meeting, and forgot to turn his microphone off. The city’s mayor pro tem, Rachael Jonrowe, was in the middle of a spiel about “antibiotic-resistant infectious diseases” when audio of Ross peeing begins to stream (pun intended) over the loudspeaker. Jonrowe tries to save face but can’t help but crack up. Ross has since laughed off the April 28 accident: 

“I think the average person can relate to this, that even the mayor — when nature calls — has to go.”

People are calling out the mayor for not washing his hands, since a faucet wasn’t heard running. With behavior like this it's no wonder they’re talking about “antibiotic-resistant infectious diseases” in the first place.