It's common practice for the spectators at the Cannes Film Festival to boo films they don't like. That's not to say they're actually terrible—Taxi Driver and Inglourious Basterds were booed, for instance—but still. Matthew McConaughey's latest film, The Sea of Trees, directed by Gus Van Sant got the jeering treatment this weekend while competing for the prestigious Palm d'Or. The Coen BrothersJake Gylenhaal​ and Sienna Miller are all on the jury this year, so we'll see what they think later.

But for McConaughey, time is a flat circle and you can boo all you want. At a day-after press conference for Sea of Trees this afternoon, McConaughey and Van Sant shook it off. "Anyone has as much right to boo, as they do to ovate," the Texan said. Read that in your best McConaughey drawl.

"I read one review this morning. and it was very definitive," Van Sant said. "I thought, 'Okay, now I know where I stand.'" Boo away!