There is some shit that is OK, and these is some that is not OK. The Mindy Project getting canceled is not OK—even though Mindy Kaling posted a video of a babbling brook around the time the news dropped, giving fans reason to believe the show will be picked up by Hulu. So homegirl is chilling.

But The Mindy Project wasn't the only show to get the axe—Variety reports that the major networks cut a whole slew of shows today to make room for new, shiny fall content. That's cold—NBC has cut a total of eight shows this year, the most of any major network. 

And it should be noted that some of these shows never got that much love to begin with—A to Z and Marry Me had rocky starts from the get-go, and Fox's reality TV show Utopia (in which a group of stranger live off the land and attempt to start their own society governed by their rules) totally bombed. But I mean, any high schooler who's read Lord of the Flies for first period English could have told you that—Fox should really have brought in a consultant to work on that. 

Even when you know it's coming, the news of getting canceled still stings. Some crowd favorites, like The Following might see a life after broadcast, with rumors of moving online to Hulu. But only time will tell whether that happens, and if it does, whether audiences will watch it or not. It's hardknock life for network television shows, you guys. 

Here are the show that have been canceled by major networks this year:

State of Affairs
Marry Me
About a Boy
One Big Happy
A to Z
Bad Judge

Manhattan Love Story

The McCarthys
​The Millers

Battle Creek 

The Following
The Mindy Project