While you were out BBQing, thinking your Memorial Day Weekend was all the way lit, Kendall JennerGigi Hadid, and their model friends were in Monaco, attending the Grand Prix and then partying on dope yachts with Formula One driver and champagne-spraying enthusiast Lewis Hamilton. Their weekend was like all the fun scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street, with just as much boob-grabbing:


everyone's always grabbin on Kenny 🐒

A photo posted by Hailey Baldwin (@haileybaldwin) on May 24, 2015 at 4:37pm PDT

Good for them, for real.

But as it happens when any female celebrity is seen in the general vicinity of a male celebrity, the weekend gave berth to dating rumors. Since Kendall and Gigi were—gasp!—BOTH photographed with Hamilton, celebrity gossip blogs ended up separately reporting that he was dating both of them. Which, if true, is absolutely legendary—I'd totally open a bottle of champagne on a coworker (probably The Summerman) right now if that were the case.  

But it most likely is not. So now we need to look at the facts and figure out which girl Hamilton locked down.

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