Standout episodes: "Aquamansion;" "The Sundance Kids;" "I Love You, Too"

Turn your snobbish TV nose up at latter-series, borderline self-parody Entourage all you want. But any negative remarks towards the show's second season might just betray a bias against watching bros flourish. The sophomore year finds the show operating with the most assured command of tone, satirizing Hollywood via the superhero genre (before going that route would've been painfully obvious) and dramatizing the behind-the-scenes business with a power play at Ari's agency. Throw in Vince's unhealthy obsession with his co-star Mandy Moore (toast to Vince being an actual character for once, however briefly), and this is one of the few arcs that gives the boys real stakes, amidst the necessary stream of wins, of course—this is the same season that starts with Eric being gifted a Maserati, after all. Most importantly: It's actually laugh-out-loud funny. —Frazier

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