Let's just call it like it is: Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton's boobs have been cast in The Layover. Neither are great actresses, and the "road-trip sex" comedy is clearly nothing more than an appeasement to men's fantasies.

The two will play a couple of best friends who decide to go on vacation to avoid their problems. A hurricane diverts their plane, and their subsequent traveling shenanigans result in them fighting over a man because passing the Bechdel test was never part of the equation. 

Lea Michelle was originally cast alongside Upton but dropped out of the early Razzie candidate. Sexiness (and probably nudity) is guaranteed, but we can't imagine the women will have roles any stronger than Daddario's in True Detective

William H. Macy will direct the film. Look out for it in theaters January 31, 2016. 

[via Variety]